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Reputation Management & Defamation

Your reputation takes a lot of time to build, but it can be destroyed in minutes. That's why it is essential to have robust protection in place.

Threats to your reputation don’t just come from traditional sources such as printed press or written articles. In today’s digital and social media landscape, it’s easier than ever for malicious and untrue statements to be spread with a simple click of a button.

At Jackson Lyon, we understand the importance of protecting your reputation and privacy, and we have extensive experience in representing celebrities, politicians, companies, and influencers in sensitive matters. We provide swift and robust action to help our clients manage and mitigate any reputational damage.

Our team of experienced lawyers can advise you on the best course of action to take, whether it is through traditional legal remedies or utilizing social media platforms’ internal procedures.

We work closely with our clients to understand their unique situation and develop a tailored legal strategy that meets their needs.

Online Reputation Management

Now more than ever, the Internet has given everyone a platform and the power to shape public opinion. With the rise of social media and digital platforms, your online reputation can change rapidly, often without your input. It's an environment where the spread of misinformation is swift, and containment can be an uphill battle. At Jackson Lyon, we’ve honed our expertise in safeguarding your online reputation, taking quick, decisive actions to halt the spread of harmful content.

With years of experience in this rapidly evolving field, we've developed strategies that not only defend your online reputation from sudden onslaughts but also anticipate potential threats. We diligently monitor your online persona, ensuring it accurately represents your values and professionalism. Working within a full-service firm gives us a unique advantage to collaborate across multiple disciplines, ensuring a comprehensive and multi-faceted approach to your online reputation management.

Corporate Reputation

In the realm of business, your corporate reputation has never been more susceptible to damage. Changing societal norms and increasing legal obligations put your organisation under constant public scrutiny. Moreover, in a digital age where unfavourable content can be weaponised swiftly, maintaining a positive corporate reputation can seem like a daunting task. Yet, at Jackson Lyon, we have a proven record in defending corporate reputations, mitigating risks, and restoring trust among stakeholders.

Our holistic approach is both defensive and pre-emptive. We don't just respond to reputational threats, we anticipate them, thereby fortifying your corporate reputation against potential attacks. As part of a multi-service law firm, we draw on the expertise of our colleagues across various legal disciplines, ensuring that your corporate reputation is safeguarded from all angles, through all possible challenges.

Defamation, Harassment & Blackmail

Defamation, harassment, and blackmail represent an insidious threat to your reputation, the effects of which can be devastating and long-lasting. These threats have become more prominent and challenging to address in an era where anyone can spread damaging content with ease. At Jackson Lyon, we bring decades of experience in tackling these serious allegations and protecting our clients' reputation.

We are relentless in investigating and challenging defamatory content and harassing behaviour. We utilise every available legal recourse, from securing injunctions to prevent the spread of malicious content, to defusing disputes that can lead to damaging revelations. Furthermore, as part of a full-service law firm, we can quickly collaborate with experts in other legal disciplines such as white-collar crime and cyber investigations. Our comprehensive approach ensures you receive robust legal protection against all forms of defamation, harassment, and blackmail.


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