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At Jackson Lyon, we have a strong track record of acting for both employers and employees in resolving sensitive disputes and achieving commercial or personal objectives in relation to employment law.

Whether you require employment law services for an individual or a business, we can provide the expertise you need in both litigious and non-litigious circumstances. Our legal services cover a range of needs, from drafting and reviewing employment contracts to preparing and conducting Employment Tribunal proceedings.

We understand that employment disputes can be complex and emotionally challenging, which is why we work closely with our clients to provide tailored legal solutions that meet their unique needs. Our experienced employment lawyers can advise you on the legal implications of your situation, and help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Employment Disputes & Litigation

As trusted advisors in high-profile, complex situations, Jackson Lyon represents both businesses, from fledgling start-ups to established multi-national corporations, and senior executives in critical employment disputes. Our robust track record on both sides equips us with a uniquely holistic perspective on the tactics and strategies employed in such scenarios. This ability to anticipate and understand our opponent's viewpoint ensures that every client benefits from our insightful, tailored advice.

Operating at the cutting edge of employment law, we handle contentious and non-contentious matters alike, working alongside our incentives and business immigration specialists for comprehensive legal support. We are often called upon for cases that present significant legal questions, underscoring our reputation for strategic thinking and litigation prowess.

Employment Contracts, Policies and Benefits

Jackson Lyon's vast experience in advising on complex contract, policy, and benefits matters for both organisations and senior executives has enabled us to develop a deep understanding of these critical areas of employment law. Our capacity to appreciate the implications of these elements from all angles allows us to craft robust and tailored solutions for each client.

Our expertise spans the full spectrum of employment law, and we work in close collaboration with our dedicated incentives and business immigration teams to provide comprehensive legal services. Being at the forefront of employment law, we often handle issues that raise pivotal legal questions, further demonstrating our strategic approach and expertise in this field.

Hires, Redundancies & Terminations

Guiding organisations of all sizes and senior executives through high-stakes situations related to hiring, redundancies, and terminations, Jackson Lyon utilises its deep-seated knowledge gained from acting on both sides of the table. This understanding of various strategies and perspectives significantly enhances our capability to advise clients effectively.

Our practice covers the complete range of contentious and non-contentious employment law issues, and we work seamlessly with our incentives and business immigration departments to provide integrated solutions. As regular counsel on cases that touch on pressing legal questions of our time, our strategic approach and litigation expertise have received widespread recognition.

Settlement Agreements

Expertly navigating complex settlement agreements for both corporations and senior executives, Jackson Lyon brings to bear the invaluable understanding gained from our extensive experience representing both sides. This comprehensive knowledge of diverse strategies and standpoints positions us uniquely to advise each new client effectively.

Working across the full spectrum of employment law issues, we collaborate closely with our incentives and business immigration teams to provide well-rounded legal solutions. Recognised for our strategic approach and litigation skill, we are regularly entrusted with high-profile cases raising critical legal questions of the day.


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