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Dispute Resolution

At Jackson Lyon, we fight fiercely for our clients and always protect their interests.

Our team of lawyers are proven problem solvers with a wealth of experience in resolving disputes across a wide range of industries and sectors. We understand the challenges and commercial implications of such actions, and we are committed to reaching a positive outcome as swiftly as possible.

Disputes are becoming increasingly common and can be a real headache for businesses, potentially costing time, and money. If you find yourself caught up in a dispute, it is vital that you have the right legal expertise on your side to minimise its impact on your business.

At Jackson Lyon, we are often instructed in cases where we are not the primary counsel so that we can offer a different perspective or facilitate the settlement of the dispute. Our clients have found this service to be invaluable.

Commercial Disputes

Commercial disputes are an inevitable part of business life. Even the most successful businesses will, from time to time, encounter issues with suppliers, customers, partners, distributors, or competitors.

There are many different scenarios where a dispute may arise, such as unpaid payments due under a contract, shareholder disputes, and disagreements over the interpretation of a particular clause within an agreement. At Jackson Lyon, we have the expertise to handle commercial disputes at all levels of the English court system.

We understand the challenges faced by commercial parties involved in disputes. When a commercial solution cannot be reached, we have an impressive track record of achieving results for our clients through the courts.

We vigorously pursue claims on behalf of our clients, taking all necessary steps to protect their interests.

Shareholder & Investor Disputes

As the business world grows more complex and competitive, our clients are increasingly faced with intricate, high-stakes situations involving shareholders and investors. Situations like these, where questions of corporate governance, fiduciary duties, and mergers and acquisitions take centre stage, often lead to disputes that need resolution. As one of the most seasoned Dispute Resolution departments in London, with a diverse team of litigators, we are well-prepared to step in and assist.

We start by thoroughly understanding the facts of your case and presenting a clear, unbiased overview of your options. Our approach is flexible and dynamic; we can be as delicate and diplomatic, or as assertive as the circumstances require. We work relentlessly, not just to find a unique solution but a cost-effective one, championing your interests while delivering an impressive return on investment.

Fraud & Asset Recovery

In the face of fraudulent activities, decisions become even more challenging and contentious. Asset misappropriation, global freezing orders, or piercing the veil of intricate corporate structures - each situation demands an intelligent, well-informed response. Our Dispute Resolution team is seasoned in handling these high-profile, complex cases, and we offer some of the most comprehensive fraud and asset recovery services in London.

We begin with a detailed assessment of your situation, laying out your options objectively. Our approach can adapt to the unique demands of your case, switching from a measured, diplomatic stance to a more assertive one as needed. Our goal is to deliver an effective solution that not only recovers your assets but also ensures a worthwhile return on investment. Rest assured, we don't just represent you - we take ownership of your dispute, championing your cause and staunchly protecting your interests.

Landlord & Tenant Disputes

Whether it's a business income or a home, we understand that landlords and tenants want to protect two of their most important assets. The loss of rent or fear of losing one's home can be stressful and commercially draining. Property disputes often require a quick response, and we are not afraid to step in and provide the necessary help.

The law in this area is constantly evolving, but you can trust us to be up to date with processes and provide detailed advice on practical and tactical solutions. Most property disputes arise from breaches of obligations under leases and service charges and can be resolved amicably without losing a professional relationship.

However, when this breakdown does occur, we have the experience to tackle difficult cases in court.

Professional Negligence

Our lawyers have experience defending professional firms and acting against them, giving us a comprehensive understanding of both sides of the disputes that can arise.

We offer advice on all types of disputes related to professional negligence, including breaches of professional duty, breaches of contract, and fraud by professionals such as solicitors, barristers, immigration advisors, accountants, and financial advisors.


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